Supporting Parents and Families of Individuals with Special Needs
June 2 @ 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT
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Our Story

When Leo was born seven short years ago, we had no idea how his entry into this world would change our lives.  We were overwhelmed when we found out he had Down Syndrome and didn't know what it meant for our family and for our future.  We have come a long way since then.  We still worry as any parent would but we have been amazed with how his strong spirit and delightful personality have transformed our family. He brings us joy everyday. He is sweet, funny, and intelligent. He loves people unconditionally -- it doesn't matter if he has known you his whole life or five minutes. He brings out the best in those around him. We love our journey with him every day. 

We are grateful for the United Angels Foundation and for the education and support they have given us along the way. We are better prepared to help Leo reach his potential at each stage of his life through the programs and classes we have been able to participate in through the foundation.  Please join us in supporting Leo by contributing to the Walk with Angels fundraiser on June 3rd.

About The United Angels Foundation

United Angels Foundation (UAF) is a nonprofit, parent-to-parent support group for families of children with special needs (our Angels). UAF believes that the most effective way to support these children is by supporting the parents and guardians who are raising them. Our main goals at UAF are to provide interaction, education, and resources to our parents. We implement these goals through our newborn visits and packets, online chat forums, parent educational seminars, parent lunches, "Mom's Night Out", and youth and family activities. Funds raised from the Walk with Angels event will specifically go towards financing our educational seminars, activities (including Freedom at the Pool, Hee Haws, and our annual Christmas party, as well as age-related activities), and to administer our newborn and new member program. Please join us in advocating for all the angels in our community!

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Walk Day Schedule

June 2, 2018 at 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT

9:30 a.m. Registration and Activities
11:00 a.m. Walk begins.
11:30 - 2:00 p.m. Fun in Wines Park

  • Entertainment, and meet and greet by
    Rachel Coleman From Signing Time
  • Advocacy groups will perform
  • Special Appearances by BYU's Cosmo, U's Swoop, UVU Wolverine, Super Heroes, Princesses and more!
  • Carnival Games and Gaming Truck
  • Free Carnival Snacks
  • Lunch is available for purchase
  • Prize Drawings, Raffles, Silent Auction
  • Service Booths
  • Vender Booths
  • Music and much more!

Team Members

  • Arly Evensen
  • Bonita & Stewart Hughes
  • Bonnie Smith
  • Dana and Paul Pescatello
  • Eean Crawford
  • Heidi Frye
  • Herta Crawford
  • Julie Christensen
  • Katie Jarvis
  • Kendra Crawford
  • Kreutzkamp Family
  • Leah Thomas
  • Marieta Peterson
  • Meredith Pescatello
  • Michelle Beus
  • Michelle Brady
  • Robert Crawford
  • Rochelle O'Brien
  • Scott and Rebecca Sjoquist
  • Steve Terry
  • William Butler