Supporting Parents and Families of Individuals with Special Needs
June 2 @ 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT
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Our Story

Early in October 2006, I went in for my routine 20 week ultrasound excited to find out the gender of my baby.  I found out we were having a baby boy but also found out he would be born with Spina Bifida.  I was crushed and in my limited view couldn't imagine feeling happy again.  I didn't know how to face the challenge ahead.  Little did I know my life would be filled with more happiness and love than I could have imagined.  I had no idea that Jonas would completely change our family for the better.

At 2:14pm January 29, 2007 Jonas Osterhout was born.  He has had over 10 surgeries to date and in addition to Spina Bifida, he manages Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety, multiple severe food allergies and asthma.  He works so hard in physical, occupational and speech therapy.  He has recently started horseriding therapy and LOVES it.  

Depsite his challenges, Jonas faces life with humor and courage.  He LOVES laughing and making connections with others.  He is the bravest boy I know.  I love hearing him laugh, it is truly contagious.  To know Jonas is to love him.

Jonas loves playing with friends, fire engines, family trips, soldiers and going to school.  He is full of life.

I don't like looking back on that diagnosis day becuase it is unpleasant to remember how disouraged I felt.  I wish I could go back and tell that person just how lucky she is to be pregnant with this awesome boy.  Jonas is a blessing and we are a lucky family!

I wish I had had the opportunity to be a part of the United Angels Foundation back when I found out about the diagnosis.  It would have made those early dark days brighter.  I know that this foundation does great things for families as they face all types of diagnosis' as well as for each stage along the path.

Please join us June 2, 2018 for Walk with Angels to show your support for Jonas as well as raise money for a very worthy organization that provides support to families of children with all types of special needs.


About The United Angels Foundation

United Angels Foundation (UAF) is a nonprofit, parent-to-parent support group for families of children with special needs (our Angels). UAF believes that the most effective way to support these children is by supporting the parents and guardians who are raising them. Our main goals at UAF are to provide interaction, education, and resources to our parents. We implement these goals through our newborn visits and packets, online chat forums, parent educational seminars, parent lunches, "Mom's Night Out", and youth and family activities. Funds raised from the Walk with Angels event will specifically go towards financing our educational seminars, activities (including Freedom at the Pool, Hee Haws, and our annual Christmas party, as well as age-related activities), and to administer our newborn and new member program. Please join us in advocating for all the angels in our community!

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Walk Day Schedule

June 2, 2018 at 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT

9:30 a.m. Registration and Activities
11:00 a.m. Walk begins.
11:30 - 2:00 p.m. Fun in Wines Park

  • Entertainment, and meet and greet by
    Rachel Coleman From Signing Time
  • Advocacy groups will perform
  • Special Appearances by BYU's Cosmo, U's Swoop, UVU Wolverine, Super Heroes, Princesses and more!
  • Carnival Games and Gaming Truck
  • Free Carnival Snacks
  • Lunch is available for purchase
  • Prize Drawings, Raffles, Silent Auction
  • Service Booths
  • Vender Booths
  • Music and much more!

Team Members

  • Andria McQueen
  • Angel &Ronae Martinez
  • Candace Simpson
  • Heather Dayley
  • Jackie Bluth
  • Lisa Devashrayee
  • Matt McGhie
  • Melinda Osterhout
  • Rijen Hendrick