Supporting Parents and Families of Individuals with Special Needs
June 2 @ 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT
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Joby Carol was born in March of 2001 in Boise Idaho, and is the oldest of two girls. Joby is an amazing young girl who continues to provide hope for others blazing this trail.

When we were given her diagnosis in utero we didn't know what to expect for her future and the uncertainty and unknown was overwhelming. We asked ourselves, what would she be like, what health challenges would she face, what would she be capable of, would she walk and talk, would she go to school, would she have friends, would she know how to communicate, how would her world treat her, would she be accepted in society, will she ever live on her own or hold down a job, will she get married, will she lead a normal life?

All of these uncertainties were weighing on our minds as we prepared for her arrival. The one thing we did know for sure was that no matter what life would bring for our sweet angel, we would love her and support her in every capacity, and fight for her in every sense of the word.

That day came and our greatest gift unknown to us at that time had finally arrived and what a beautiful journey it has been! Joby has blessed our lives in more ways than we can count. The love for this child is indescribable.

Joby continues to amaze us every single day. She has proven that if given every opportunity that life has to offer, she can do great things. I believe when a person isn't limited on what they are taught they can achieve almost anything. Joby reads and writes, she goes to school independently, she has friends, she has hobbies like playing the piano and swimming on a swim team. She loves going to church and loves music, she rides a bike and a motorized scooter, Joby has been learning to drive a car and hopes to one day get her drivers licence, she navigates a computer, she texts and socializes on instagram, she writes letters and T.V. scripts, and she has desires and dreams of one day becoming a teacher.

Joby possesses some of the best qualities a person can have. She is kind, mindful, loves unconditionally, she's charming and funny, she's smart and tries her best at all things, she's determined, she's genuine and courageous.

Joby has changed our views and opened our eyes for the better. She has brought us our greatest joy! When I think about her birth and the journey we have traveled to get to where we are today, I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. I am reminded daily how lucky I am to be her mom, how proud I am of her and all she has accomplished. I am in love with the person she is. She has a lot to offer her world. Thank you Joby for sharing a piece of heaven with me every single day by just being you.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the Joy Joby brings into your life on JUNE 2rd 2018

'Walk With Angels'.

Much love to you all for your support in our Journey. "Be Kind" 

Love The Austin's

About The United Angels Foundation

United Angels Foundation (UAF) is a nonprofit, parent-to-parent support group for families of children with special needs (our Angels). UAF believes that the most effective way to support these children is by supporting the parents and guardians who are raising them. Our main goals at UAF are to provide interaction, education, and resources to our parents. We implement these goals through our newborn visits and packets, online chat forums, parent educational seminars, parent lunches, "Mom's Night Out", and youth and family activities. Funds raised from the Walk with Angels event will specifically go towards financing our educational seminars, activities (including Freedom at the Pool, Hee Haws, and our annual Christmas party, as well as age-related activities), and to administer our newborn and new member program. Please join us in advocating for all the angels in our community!

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Walk Day Schedule

June 2, 2018 at 9:30 am
Margaret Wines Park 500 N Center Street, Lehi UT

9:30 a.m. Registration and Activities
11:00 a.m. Walk begins.
11:30 - 2:00 p.m. Fun in Wines Park

  • Entertainment, and meet and greet by
    Rachel Coleman From Signing Time
  • Advocacy groups will perform
  • Special Appearances by BYU's Cosmo, U's Swoop, UVU Wolverine, Super Heroes, Princesses and more!
  • Carnival Games and Gaming Truck
  • Free Carnival Snacks
  • Lunch is available for purchase
  • Prize Drawings, Raffles, Silent Auction
  • Service Booths
  • Vender Booths
  • Music and much more!

Team Members

  • Andrea Langston
  • Becky Hadlock
  • Brielle Nuckles
  • Carol Thomas
  • Charlottes Deveraux
  • Clare Webb
  • Elizabeth Huntsman
  • Emily Horsley
  • Ernest Thomas
  • Haily Salas
  • Heather Miller
  • Hollie Bryant
  • Jacklin Brazell
  • Jacob Christensen
  • Jake and Becky Jo Bryant
  • JalenJillJeff Austin
  • James Thomas
  • Jane Chipman
  • Jeanna Wride
  • Jennie Christensen
  • Jennifer Watkins
  • Jessica Hayward
  • Kali, Channing, Koen Walker
  • Leslee Warr
  • Lisa Blake
  • Marcia Peterson
  • Marie Hixon
  • Monica Allred
  • Payton Thomas
  • Sharon Hansen
  • Shirley Cook
  • Sue Adamson
  • Told Plumbing
  • Utah Valley Dental Lab
  • Wade Laycock